First step is to focus on the company needs.
Good results depend on a good analysis.

“We have worked in collaboration with Simplog and through the use of their Analysis Methodology identified some key points of improvement in our inventory management and warehousing operation that would enable us to improve our service levels as well as reducing costs. Simplog is an excellent partner to work with.”

Ashley Croft - Supply Chain Director - Stapleton's Tyre Services Ltd

Since results are unexpected and clamorous independently from the scope of the analysis, it has an intrinsic value.

Through verification of data, procedure and the aim of the client, Simplog identifies the key point to improve and the basis for a good design.


  • Determine and formalize processes by correctly assigning each resource its cost and its function
  • Define correctly interconnection between functions
  • Assess the best alternatives to making processes more effective and efficient
  • Carefully plan your layouts, strategies, functions, and control
  • Get the relationship between costs and benefits

The Analysis includes collection and formalization of the design data, of the logics and functioning specifications of the system. In order to increase the efficiency and the efficacy of the process, Simplog evaluates and compares all the possible solutions.

Through statistical analysis and growth forecasts, Simplog is able to determine current and future cost, especially to allocate the cost of each function of the analysed process.





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