Experience, imagination, method, knowledge of the market and independence by the product, guarantee results ad hoc through consolidate solutions.

Simplog has been able to understand and implement our needs, simply modifying our machines and our standard plant adapting them to our products. We are leader in tyres distribution on the national territory. With Simplog know-how, we were able to build simple prototypes to make technologies suitable with our product, which is difficult to move.”

Roberto Tebaldini, AD Yokohama Italia SpA

According to the project type, Simplanit supports you to find and get involved a certain number of suppliers according to the design criteria defined.

The capacity and the creativity to developed unconventional solutions constitute an added value to projects, keeping it at the forefront and sure about its operation.

Development of solutions to a different degree of detail:

Concept design: macro assessment of alternative scenarios and comparison of feasibility and cost/benefit.

Basic design: definition of the more accurate solution, processes and resources. Selection of suppliers, possible evaluation of prototypes and assurance of the operation. In-depth evaluation of cost and execution times.

Detail design: executive instructions and task coordination for project implementation.


  • Layout
  • Flow diagram
  • Choice of components
  • Realization Specifications
  • Control Systems Functions
  • Cost estimation and Checking Budget Expenditure and Returns
  • Preliminary and definitive timing
  • Specifications
  • Tabulation and choice of suppliers
  • Specifications of testing and verification checks

Supply chain:

  • Evaluation of alternative scenarios
  • Stock Sharing
  • Definition of supply and distribution transports
  • Optimization of the service
  • Optimization of distribution chain costs

Project Management


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